Hypothetical Netflix Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Pop quiz. How many movies can say they’ve made a billion dollars at the box-office? Answer: 26.

Zootopia is the newest billion dollar movie and the only one out of the 26 that I haven’t seen yet. Not having children of my own, it kinda makes it weird seeing kids movies in the theaters seeing as, much like with Chuck-E-Cheese, I have to “borrow” children. Nothing shady about that sentence. Luckily, Netflix saves me the hassle of child abduction lawyers.

The movie tells the story of Judy Hopps, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, who wants nothing more in life to be a police officer for the titular city. As you probably could have guessed by the name, Judy is a bunny. I don’t use bunny to be cute either, that’s how they self-identify. Anywho, Judy enters the academy to spite her parents telling her it would never make it and that’d she’d be happier with a bunny job like carrot farming. Seriously really unsupportive parents till you realize Judy is one of like a hundred children. Mr. and Mrs. Hopps must have been well out of fucks by the time Judy came around to use kid gloves. But Judy does it. She finishes a montage and moves to Zootopia where she underdogs her way into the big case. Aided by a sly, con-fox Nick Wilde, voiced by Jason Bateman, the two stumble onto a city changing conspiracy that pits predator and prey against each other.

I really gotta hand it to Disney, they really know how to do feel good movies. It’s got a strong message of “Hey everyone, let’s be cool with each other and accept that all are different and have different limitations and stuff,”with I think is a good and positive thing to be throwing out in the world. Having said that, the actual plot of the movie wasn’t anything special. It plugged along just like a good feel good movie should which is totally fine. I didn’t go into this movie expecting anything less, but it actually gave me a little more in way of social commentary than I was expecting which was nice.

All in all, this movie is what my mom would describe as “cute”  which I’ve taken to mean “It wasn’t made for me, but I can appreciate it for what it is”.


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