The Last Heist

Hypothetical Netflix Rating: 1.9 out of 5 stars

The 2016 movie The Last Heist tries its best to be an original take on a heist movie, but falls just short of being entertaining. The story revolves around this group of bank robbers who hit a bank that is in the final stages of closing. They do the normal bank robber stuff, they have a plan that falls on its face, they take hostages. The bit of originality comes from Henry Rollins’ (rock-star turned actor) character, a man who goes to the bank minutes before the robbery to make one last withdrawal from his safety deposit box. His withdrawal? A whole lotta human eyeballs. The robbers must square off with the cops as well as the serial killer trapped inside with them. Sounds like a good premise, but the movie was frankly boring.

One of my big complaints in action movies, or movies posing as action movies, is the way in which guns are use. You can tell when the bullets flying are CGI because nothing in the room reacts; there are no bullet holes, the actors don’t show signs of recoil from the shot, simple basic stuff like that. Super noticeable in this movie.

The only redeeming part of this movie was Henry Rollins’ portrayal of a serial killer. He managed to capture this weird mix of creepy uncle and Buffalo Bill. Unfortunately, the novelty of the character wears thin as the story progresses. This is one of those movies that probably would have functioned better as a short film, playing down the whole hostage situation/stand-off, and playing up Rollins picking apart the bank robbers.

Yeah. You should probably go watch something else.



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