Central Intelligence

Hypothetical Netflix Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars

2016’s Central Intelligence tells the story of Calvin “Golden Jet” Joyner (Kevin Hart) and Bob Stone (The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson). Twenty years ago, when the two were is high school, they were less then friends. Calvin was, as the nickname would seem to imply, the golden boy of the school, voted most likely to succeed. Bob was the fat kid every one else made fun of. Save for Calvin. Calvin felt sorry for him. Flash forward twenty years and Calvin is an accountant who is deeply disappointed he didn’t do more with his life, while Bob works for the CIA and is, well, the Rock.

I enjoy a good buddy comedy. This very much falls in line with that genre, hitting most of the notes you’d expect. What really sells the movie is the Rock. His character is a strange mix of naive, dopey, funny, and deadly. He was like the human embodiment of a big dumb puppy. I was surprised to see him hold his own comedically against someone like Kevin Hart.

Hart plays the reluctant partner to the Rock who asks him to help track down a terrorist who killed is partner all while the CIA tracks  the pair under suspicion that the Rock is in fact a terrorist. This all happened around the time of their twentieth class reunion.

There were a couple bits in this movie that I thought were pretty clever, but barring those, this is your basic buddy comedy. I wasn’t wowed, but I was entertained, which was really all I ever ask for.


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