Hypothetical Netflix Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This 1977 film was not what I excepted. What I knew going in was this: a young American girl, Suzy, played by Jessica Harper, travels to Germany to attend a ballet academy. Over the course of the run time, bodies pile up. My knowledge ended there. Oh, I also knew that this film pops up on several list of must watch horror films, hence why this review exists. What really drew me in was the lighting and the score of the film.

Italian filmmaker Dario Argento, who wrote and directed Suspiria, did a great job of showing the young girl’s decent into madness. As the plot develops, you find out that there is something supernatural going on at the academy and the lighting and music are what really make the viewer feel the same sense of dread Suzy feels. Throughout the movie, you’ll notice neon lights centered on the characters that gives them an uneasy, seedy look. The soundtrack is performed by Italian group Goblin, who have scored several of Argento’s films (as well as Dawn of the Dead). The music was unnerving from the get go and had me waiting for the bottom to drop out, which, of course it.

What I really appreciated about this film was that it went more for aesthetics than scares, which in turn kinda made it more scary than if they had just made a regular old slasher. I’d liken this to modern movies like House of the Devil, where there’s nothing bad happening on screen every second, but you know that just off screen something wicked this way comes.

If you like horror, this ones for you.



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