The Invitation

Hypothetical Neflix Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Will, Logan Marshall- Green, gets invited to a dinner party at his ex-wife’s house, which is Will’s old house. Also, his ex-wife has remarried. Also, his ex is in a cult. Needless to say, it’s a bad night for Will all around.

This slow burn thriller plays off Will’s growing anxiety. Over the course of the party, the audience learns why Will and his wife divorced and gradually, the wheels fall off for Will. Is his ex-wife and her new husband looking to kill the party literally? Is Will the crazy one?  Does it matter? Though the movie gives you a firm answer by the end, it’s amazing now long the film keeps the ball in the air.

The question that this movie really begs is “why?” and over and over the movie gives answers. How about that? A movie that answers all the questions it raises: a unicorn in a sea of narwhals.

Logan Marshall-Green gives a strong performance, but nobody in this movie does a bad job, if that makes sense. Tammy Blanchard, the ex-wife Eden, does an extraordinary job. John Carroll Lynch, who plays Pruitt– Eden’s new husband’s friend, is hauntingly creepy and human all at once. I actually thought he had the strongest performance in the whole film, mostly in part to the monologue he gets about half-way through, but again, no one does a bad job.

All around, this is a really solid pick. The only downside for some  might be the fact that this is a talking heads movie. There is almost nothing in the way of action here. The plot is developed entirely through conversation, so if you plan on watching with someone chatty, think twice about this one (but still keep it in your back pocket for when the time is right).



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