Inbred (2011)

Hypothetical Netflix Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

You know what I really love about horror movies? They all follow the three act structure and they all follow a formula. If you’ve seen enough of them, you can tell as soon as you see someone on screen whether they make it to the end or not. Inbred, at first seemed very much to fit the standard formula. The movie started, I picked my survival girl and possible survival guy and I was happy to find that I was wrong. Before we get to spoilers, a little background.

The movie centers on a group of UK youth offenders who, with their two case workers, travel to a small town to do some community service. They soon realize the town is filled with, well, inbred hicks who get their kicks from murdering outsiders who don’t mind their own business. Of course the group doesn’t mind their own business.

Okay, spoiler time. This is where the magic happens.

In a standard horror movie, there is at least a feeling that someone might make it out alive. In Inbred, you get the feeling as soon as the first group member is offed that no one has much of a chance of survival. Even when things look up, shit instantly goes wrong.

My favorite part of the movie: my pick for survival guy comes up with this awesome plan. Him and survival girl are held up in this cottage, surrounded by murderous townsfolk. He discovers that the basement is filled with booze. He smashed a bunch of the bottles on the floor and lets the townsfolk corner him in the basement, booze underfoot, Molotov cocktail in hand. He goes to light the cocktail. Nothing. The head of the mob tells him that the shit he’s trying to burn is super watered down. Survivor guy gets chainsawed to death. Brilliant.

Any other horror movie would have pulled that punch. Not Inbred.Inbred pulls no punches. Not a once. It is bloody, it is violent, and it manages to shake every trope while still sticking to the formula. It’s everything I could have hoped for. Hats off to writer/director Alex Chandon for a fun, gross ride.


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