Hypothetical Netflix Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

2016’s Deadpool follows the story of, well, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), a “super hero” who gets cancer, then subjects himself to medical experiments which in turn give him super powers in the form of a healing factor. He can’t be killed. So he goes on a revenge path to get back at the people who tortured him with science.

This is a movie made by man-children, for man-children, which, let’s be honest, everyone has that side to them. Even most women. The jokes fly at you at such a rapid fire pace, some go unnoticed. The thing that really sets this movie apart from most is how Deadpool breaks the fourth wall. It allows the film makers to do things with the narrative structure that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen, which is refreshing as all get out.

There is a reason that this is one of the highest grossing rated-R movies, besides the fact that it’s based off a comic book character which gives it a built in audience, but fuck it, Passion of the Christ (the highest grossing rated-R movie) had a pretty large built in audience. What really drives this movie into greatness is the writing. Well, that and the obvious passion that those who worked on the film had.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers who also brought their wonderful comedic sense to 2011’s Zombieland, worked  on Deadpool for years without so much as a thank you from the studio. Those fools wanted Deadpool to be PG or PG-13, a rating which casts a wider box office net, but would have ruined the entire point of the character from the source material. The world is lucky that Ryan Reynolds had Reese, Wernick, and first time feature director Tim Miller’s backs. Also the fact that some amazingly funny and action packed test footage leaked, showing people what exactly the team had in mind for the film.

Deadpool has heart. A whole hell of a lot of it. And it shows. When you can watch a movie and see that the people who worked on it actually gave a damn about it, it goes a long way to make up for any and all short comings that the film might otherwise have. The studio cuts the budget, it becomes a quip. Can’t afford a ton of CGI? Who gives a fuck, write around it and poke fun at it. This movie is what happens what everything good beats out everything bad that’s happening in modern day Hollywood.


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