Hypothetical Netflix Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

After seeing writer/director Michael Dougherty’s first film, Trick ‘r Treat(2007), I was impressed enough to give this guy movie theater movie money when his next movie, Krampus (2015) hit theaters. I decided to give it a second viewing, what with my total disregard for holiday awareness.

The story centers around Max, a young boy whose parents are Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) and Toni Collettte. His family, including his sister and grandmother, is hosting relatives for Christmas. The relatives (David “Champ” Koechner, Allison “Fargo” Tolman, Conchata “I probably didn’t get paid enough to put up with Charlie Sheen for as long as I did” Ferrell, and some kids) are not the classiest people in the world. It’s your normal dysfunction till Max summons Krampus, who is what happens when you misspell “Santa” as “Satan”. He crashes their Christmas, picking them off one by one with a Santa theme.

I don’t hate this movie. There are a lot of things I think could have been done better, but I think kinda get the impression that the studio might have pushed for the PG-13. Dougherty had a pretty good gore factor to Trick ‘r Treat which I was kinda surprise he didn’t pull over for Krampus. This movie has the same cynical tone as his first, but is lack a little bit of the charm. It could be that it doesn’t have the element of the unknown that Trick ‘r Treat had–in Krampus, you know a character named Krampus is going to coming in and fuck up the family’s Christmas, but with Trick’r Treat, all you know is the theme going in.

Ultimately, I guess by biggest beef with Krampus is that it didn’t living up to it’s older brother. I’ll still give Michael Dougherty another movie to prove himself to me, but so far, he’s on track to go the way of Neill Blomkamp, a breakout star who can’t help but try to outdo himself.


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