The Similars (2015)

Hypothetical Netflix Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

From the very opening of this Spanish language film, you can tell that film maker Isaac Ezban was inspired by The Twilight Zone. From the mostly black and white color to the book-ended voice over, this movie plays like and extra long episode of the cult classic. The idea of working around the frame work of the Rod Sterling property is great, however, this, in part, straight rips off an episode of the show.

The Similars tells the story of a group of strangers in 1960’s Mexico waiting in a bus station. Single location, just like The Zone. The strangers are stuck in the station due to the severe rain storm outside. They get these messages over the radio that something is happening around the world, something unexplainable. Everyone is turning into the same person, but only in the face. Hilariously terrifying. You’re probably thinking, “Well that’s Twilight Zone ish, but that wasn’t in an episode.” True. But that’s not the great twist in the movie.

I won’t ruin it here. Instead, I’m going to talk about how weird it is to see porn stars with the face of a middle aged Mexican man with a beard. That’s an image that is going to be scarred into my mind for a while. I’m shuttering just thinking about it. And then I laugh, because of how goofy the whole thing is.

Seriously, this movie is worth the watch. THe only beef I had is the previously stated fact that it’s a total rip off.


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