The Watcher (2016)

Hypothetical Netflix Rating: 2.7 out of 5 stars

Let me start by saying that there are a couple movies out there called “The Watcher”. This one does not stand out. From it’s predictable plot, to it’s standard at best acting, this movie doesn’t really do much at all aside from captive time passing.

The story centers around a couple (Edi Gathegi, who played Darwin in X-Men First Class and Erin Cahil, who was in one of the iterations of Power Rangers) who after winning a much fought over bid on a house, are stalked by a mysterious figure that calls itself “the raven”. If you choose to watch this movie, the rest of the plot sort of fills itself in, which in this case is a bad sign. It’s a mystery that is so fucking obvious, I’m surprised the people who comprise this universe aren’t constantly killing themselves in freak toaster/dishwater accidents. If the twist surprised you, you can go ahead and finish grade school.

There’s this little thing that every story ever told uses called “the economy of scenes”. The basic principle of this is that you only have so much time to tell a story so because of this fact, every thing that you see as to build to a certain conclusion. This movie does a terrible job of this by only introducing five character aside from the protagonists. Jeez, I wonder which who the stalker is? Do you think maybe one of the only other character we’ve meet could be behind it? No way. They’re too obvious. Yeah. They are.

The failings of this movie lie in the writer. The acting is totally fine. In fact I thought Erin Cahil did a better than the movie demanded job. Edi Gathegi did just alright. I was hoping for more from him seeing as he played one of my favorite X-Men from the comics. They did his character wrong in First Class…just sayin’. Everyone else in this movie isn’t worth mentioning. Aside from Riley Baron. This is only his second outing, so I’m not going to fault the dude.

All in all, I’d say if you’re pressed for time in the viewing department (and who among us isn’t?), then I’d say you can probably skip this one.



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