What Is Going On Here?

Damn fine question reader. For those of you who don’t have an intimate working knowledge of my day to day life, a good deal of my time is devoted to movies; both the watching of and discussing of. Now, the bold adventure that we are about to undertake: whatever I watch, I will review. From this moment out. Please try and keep up.

I know what you’re thinking, “What kinds of movies does this guy watch?” “How do I know he’s not going to review something I’ve already seen a billion times?” “Is he going to review adult film? Oh God think of the children!” Well in order, anything and everything (I’m always up for suggestions too), if it’s something you’ve already seen you’ll be happy to know odds are it’s my second, third, or in the case of Pulp Fiction, my three hundredth viewing, so you know I’ll be bringing trivia and some analysis to it. Oh yeah, don’t worry, I won’t review “adult films”. ¬†But adult content? Oh you better believe that’s on the table.

Oh yeah, one other thing. The Hypothetical Netflix Rating. For those unfamiliar, Netflix rates on a one to five star system where one star means you hated it, five stars means you love it. I change it up a little bit.

One star, don’t waste your time. Two stars, it’s not great, but hey, you’re not me. Three stars, it’s a solid movie. Four stars, yeah you need to watch it. Five stars, I could watch this movie on repeat. Forever.

Anyway, enough foreplay. Let’s start the show!